[Kuhs] Microstructural Properties of gas hydrates from the Mallik well

German Title: Microstructural Properties of gas hydrates from the Mallik well

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Main Applicant:Prof. Dr. Werner F. Kuhs

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Year: 2004


The Mallik 5L-38 gas hydrate research well was designed as a field experiment to test the physical response of gas hydrate deposit to various advanced production methods. Likewise it was used as a test for various advanced logging methods. There is accumulated evidence that the microstructure of gas hydrates plays an important role in both areas. Using cryo scanning electron microscopy we have revealed in an exploratory study the sub-micron porosity of some of the Mallik gas hydrates which are likely to affect the seismic response as well as the decomposition kinetics. The sub-micron pores are likely to be filled with gas and may be at the origin of the so-called "blanking effect" with anomalously low seismic reflections. Here we propose a detailed quantitative investigation of the sub-micron structures of Mallik gas hydrates. The goal will be the development a model of sub-micron porous gas hydrates which is suitable for an effective medium modeling. Based on our previous laboratory experiments we also expect some further insight into compositional variations as well as into the presently unknown formation process from accompanying Raman spectroscopy and diffraction studies.

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Kuhs, Werner F, Genov, Georgi, Goreshnik, Evgeny, Zeller, Andreas, Techmer, Kirsten S, Bohrmann, Gerhard (2004). "The impact of porous microstructures of gas hydrates on their macroscopic properties" International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering 14 (4) p305-309