[Behrens] Supply of soluble Fe to ocean surface waters - quantitative approaches from ICDP site Hawaii by determining interface driven Fe transfer from subsurface volcanic rocks

German Title: Eintrag von gelöstem Fe in das Oberflächenwasser von Ozeanen - quantitative Ansätze von der ICDP-Bohrung Hawaii durch Untersuchung des grenzflächengesteuerten Fe-Transfers aus vulkanischen Gesteinen des tieferen Untergrundes

Abbreviation: 353

Current Status: approved

Main Applicant:Prof. Dr. Harald Behrens

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Prof. Dr. Axel Schippers

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Year: 2016

Related Publications

Stranghoener, Marius, Dultz, Stefan, Behrens, Harald, Schippers, Axel (2020). "Potential mobilizable Fe from secondary phases of differentially altered subsurface basaltic rock– a sequential extraction study on ICDP site Hawaii" Applied Geochemistry 121 p104705

Stranghörner, Marius, Schippers, Axel, Dultz, Stefan, Behrens, Harald (2018). "Experimental microbial alteration and Fe mobilization from basaltic rocks of the ICDP HSDP2 drill core, Hilo, Hawaii" Frontiers in Microbiology 9 p1-17