[Karrenbach] Voruntersuchung an der globalen Lokation "San Andreas Fault System"

German Title: Voruntersuchung an der globalen Lokation "San Andreas Fault System"

Abbreviation: 157

Current Status: completed

Main Applicant:Dr. Martin Karrenbach

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Year: 1997


In addition to our investigations at the Global Test Site San Andreas Fault we want to use a hydrothermally overprinted former transform fault in the Albtal granite, a part of the Variscian basement of southwest Germany in the southern Black Forest in order to verify and validate some effective media approaches and algorithms, which will later be used at the San Andreas Fault. The rock physical parameters of the granitic host rock and the fault itself will be investigated by two experiments, one performed in situ in a subsurface gallery and one as a usual surface experiment. The frequency band will reach from 10 Hz up to 6.000 Hz. The data will be used to calibrate the finite difference models, which will be used to simulate wave propagation in porous media using some effective media approaches. Comparing synthetic data with measured data gives us the possibility to evaluate how well hydraulic parameters can be determined from seismic experiments.

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Chavarria, J. Andres, Goertz, Alex, Karrenbach, Martin, Paulsson, Bjorn, Milligan, Paul, Soutyrine, Vlad, Hardin, Alan, Dushman, David, LaFlame, Lisa (2007). "The use of VSP techniques for fault zone characterization: An example from the San Andreas Fault. " The Leading Egde 26 p770-776