[Burkhardt] Physical Rock Properties and the Geothermal Field of the Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure

German Title: Physical Rock Properties and the Geothermal Field of the Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure

Abbreviation: 215

Current Status: completed

Main Applicant:Prof. Dr. Hans Jürgen Burkhardt

Resources Recipient

Prof. Dr. Helmut Wilhelm

Other Persons

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Year: 2006


A joint approach of extensive laboratory measurements of various physical rock properties on densely sampled cores and high resolution temperature measurements in the borehole, drilled in the inner basin of the Chesapeake Bay impact structure, will contribute to a better understanding of the influence of the impact on the petrophysical properties and on the geothermal and hydraulic fields. The experimental petrophysical data, supported by mineralogical and structural analysis, will be interpreted with respect to the internal structure of rocks by numerical modeling and by correlations between different parameters and used for calibration and control of geophysical borehole logs, as well as for constraints to geophysical interpretation and modeling of the impact structure. By means of densely measured thermal conductivity the heat flow density and its vertical variations will be determined and interpreted in terms of conductive and advective heat transport. Borehole temperature logs during transient conditions will provide information about fracture zones, contributing to the study of the hydraulic regime of the impact structure.

Related Publications

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