[Hess] Viscous flow of magmas from Unzen volcano, Japan - Implications for magma ascent and emplacement

German Title: Viscous flow of magmas from Unzen volcano, Japan - Implications for magma ascent and emplacement

Abbreviation: 193

Current Status: completed

Main Applicant:Dr. Kai-Uwe Hess

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Dr. Benoit Cordonnier

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Year: 2005


The lack in understanding the flow behaviour of ascending highly viscous conduit magmas is a major drawback in forecasting explosive volcanic eruptions. Due to the very recent development of a unique high-load, high-temperature deformation apparatus it is now, for the first time, possible to determine the effective non-Newtonian viscosity of rhyolitic multi-phase magmas at strain rates actually occurring prior to and during volcanic eruptions. This opportunity comes when cores from a section of Unzen’s conduit were recently acquired. Taken together, the new technique and the new sample availability provide a unique opportunity to advance the rheological understanding of Unzen. The new data will enable the elaboration of complete volcanic eruption models at Unzen. Such models have important implications for the interpretation of (a) shallow volcanic earthquakes (e.g. low frequency events) and their potential use as indicators for near-future volcanic eruptions, (b) self-sealing mechanisms of the Unzen conduit, and (c) the poorly understood displacement mechanism of Unzen lava lobes, potentially indicative of non-Newtonian flow behaviour.

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