[Krastel] Sedimentary processes in Lake Van, Turkey - correlation of high resolution seismic records with physical properties data

German Title: Sedimentary processes in Lake Van, Turkey - correlation of high resolution seismic records with physical properties data

Abbreviation: 249

Current Status: completed

Main Applicant:Prof. Dr. Sebastian Krastel

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Dr. Deniz Cukur
Dr. Daniel Winkelmann

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Year: 2009


Lake Van in Eastern Anatolia (Turkey) is the fourth largest of all terminal lakes in the world (surface area of 3,522 km², volume of 576 km³, maximum depth of 451 m, maximal length of 130 km WSW-ENE). Previous scientific work has shown that Lake Van has an excellent potential as a high resolution paleo-climate archive caused by the presence of annually laminated lacustrine sediments. As Lake Van can act as a key site for the investigation of the Quaternary climatic evolution of the Near East, an ICDP drilling campaign is scheduled for summer 2009. Five primary sites are proposed based on high resolution seismic data collected during a pre-site survey in 2004. The main aim of this proposal is an integrated interpretation of the drilling and seismic data in order to reconstruct the genesis and evolution of Lake Van. Synthetic seismograms will be calculated for a correlation of seismic and drill data. An intensive logging program (core and downhole logging) will be the basis for this approach. The integration of logging and seismic data allows extrapolating the stratigraphy from the wells to 3D-space by using the seismic data. Special emphasis will be drawn on the timing of widespread mass wasting events, which might be used as proxy for estimating the paleo-seismicity and on lake-level fluctuations, which played an important role for the sedimentary evolution of Lake Van.

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