[Krastel] ICDP co-ordination

German Title: ICDP Koordination

Abbreviation: 137

Current Status: completed

Main Applicant:Prof. Dr. Sebastian Krastel

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Other Persons

Prof. Dr. Roland Oberhänsli

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Conveyor Duration:
Year: 2002


This application seeks to ensure an efficient co-ordination of the tasks of the DFG focal program "international continental drilling program" (ICDP). The main tasks of this co-ordination are: Organisation and execution of the annual scientific meeting of the focal program. Co-ordination of scientific activities in the realm of ICDP and ODP. To stimulate and encourage the discussion of the scientific object of the program in the light of interdisciplinary working groups. Co-ordination and support of scientific projects in the realm of the priority program. Creation of synergetic effects by co-ordination of earth science capacities of professionally contiguous disciplines. Co-ordination of results of the working groups to a general picture with help of workshops as well as national and international meetings. Information about and animation for participation in future scientific drilling projects.