[Rabbel] Seismological monitoring of the KTB injection project

German Title: Seismological monitoring of the KTB injection project

Abbreviation: 184

Current Status: completed

Main Applicant:Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rabbel

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Year: 2004

Related Publications

Haney, Frank, Kummerow, J, Langenbruch, C, Dinske, C, Shapiro, Serge A, Scherbaum, Frank (2011). "Magnitude estimation for microseismicity induced during the KTB 2004/2005 injection experiment" Geophysics 76 pWC47-WC53

Harjes, H. P., Bram, K., Dürbaum, H. J., Gebrande, H., Hirschmann, G., Janik, M., Klöckner, M., Lüschen, E., Rabbel, W., Simon, M., Thomas, R., Tormann, J., Wenzel, F. (1997). "Origin and nature of crystal reflections: Results from integrated seismic measurements at the KTB superdeep drilling site" Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 102 p18267-18288