[Stober] Hydrochemical and hydraulic properties of the continental upper crust at the KTB site

German Title: Hydrochemical and hydraulic properties of the continental upper crust at the KTB site

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Current Status: completed

Main Applicant:Prof. Dr. Ingrid Stober

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Year: 2002


A constant rate pumping test of one year duration is planed to be carried out in the 4.0 km deep pilot hole of KTB. Watertable fluctuations in the pilot borehole and in the 9.1 km deep main borehole will be monitored as well. A wealth of data (pumping rate, watertable/ pressure, temperature, salinity/electrical conductivity, water samples,....) will become available, some even online. The first objective of the proposed project is to determine the flow system (type of aquifer model). From this deduced hydraulic model follow the hydraulic characteristics (such as: transmissivity, storage coefficient, fracture lengt/ width/aperture, permeability of fractures and matrix,....) describing the properties of the crystalline basement rocks in vicinity of the KTB pilot- and main hole. The length of the expect test radius is some 1000 m. The proposed project intends also to determine the degree of the hydraulic connection between the two holes (having a depth difference of 5.1 km). Additional information, such as water analyses, will be needed in interpreting the hydraulic data. A second major objective is the modelling of water-rock interaction (WRI) processes using the chemical data of KTB fluids. In particular the time series of chemical data will be used to model the kinetic and time dependent processes. We expect as well to see some breakthroughs of "fresh, clean" crystalline basement water and another breakthrough resulting from fluid stored in the main hole and its surrounding.

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Stober, I., Bucher, K. (2005). "The upper continental crust, an aquifer and its fluid: hydaulic and chemical data from 4 km depth in fractured crystalline basement rocks at the KTB test site" Geofluids 5 p8-19