[Wagner] Fission-track-dating at drill cores from the ICDP/CCSD Donghai drill holes, China

German Title: Spaltspuren-Datierung an Kernen der ICDP/CCSD-Donghai-Bohrungen, China

Abbreviation: 172

Current Status: completed

Main Applicant:Prof. Dr. Günther Wagner

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Year: 2003


The general aim of the project is to quantify the thermo-tectonic history of the Sulu UHP belt. The ICDP/CCSD-pre-pilot holes (PP1; PP2) and the main ICDP/CCSD-drill hole at Donghai, China, are keyholes that allow the continuous reconstruction of the medium to low temperature history (less than 300 °C) by applying fission-track thermochronology. Integration of petrologic and structural data will permit transferring the FT-T-t paths into a post-orogenic exhumation/uplift history. The combination with high temperature geochronometers will extend the thermotectonic history to the orogenic process. The thermochronological data will be compared, integrated in the database of the Qinling-Dabie-Sulu orogen, East-Central China and used to refine the recent thermo-tectonic models. We are the only research group in the German ICDP-program that have access to samples from the ICDP/CCSD Donghai drill holes. In addition, the samples of the drill holes will be used to improve further the standard fission track dating technique. Strong variations in the uranium content of grains from one sample need an improvement of the reproducibility of the automated switching between grain mount and detection mica. Furthermore, the precise measurement of a large number of confined track length, even in low uranium bearing apatites, will allow to better constraint the T-t models.

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