[Wilhelm] The Geothermal Field of the Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure

German Title: The Geothermal Field of the Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure

Abbreviation: 241

Current Status: completed with report

Main Applicant:Prof. Dr. Helmut Wilhelm

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Dr. Sibylle Mayr

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Year: 2008


Within the frame of the aims of the ICDP Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure (CBIS) Project, our primary goal is to perform an investigation of the present geothermal and hydraulic regime of the central part of this impact structure. To reach this aim we will determine local and regional heat flow variations in lateral and vertical direction in the CBIS area in cooperation with our partners in Berlin, Moscow, Prague and colleagues from USGS. The results of this investigation will contribute to the hydro-geological research concerning the threatening of the fresh groundwater resources of the region by the CB impact brines. Another aim of our project is to investigate the possibilities to extend the variability of the models for the interpretation of transient thermal signals, caused in boreholes e.g. by artesian outflow of water.