[Krastel] ICDP co-ordination

German Title: ICDP Koordination

Abbreviation: 137

Current Status: approved

Main Applicant:Prof. Dr. Sebastian Krastel

Resources Recipient

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Koepke

Other Persons

Kai-Frederik Lenz
Christel Unterfeld
Christian Semelis

Conveyor Begin: 1 May, 2020
Conveyor End: 30 April, 2022
Conveyor Duration: 24
Year: 2020


The international ICDP (International Continental Scientific Drilling Program) is the platform for scientific research drilling in continents. Central questions to be addressed  include:

  1. active faults and earthquakes,
  2. global cycles and environmental change,
  3. heat and mass transfer,
  4. the ubiquitous hidden biosphere and
  5. cataclysmic events  – impact craters and processes.

German scientist are involved with major commitments as PI’s or Co PI’s in 75% of all ICDP ventures. Funding through the SPP ICDP is the  basis for this great involvement of German scientists in the international drilling programs.The objective of this proposal is to continue the coordination of the SPP ICDP. We intend to coordinate the national efforts and projects, to support communication on national and international level by providing support for workshops and meetings, and by  developing new international initiatives and promoting participation of German scientists in these activities. The coordination office also keeps track of ongoing international  and national ICDP projects. The further intensification of cooperation with the IODP Coordination Office is a central concern in the upcoming funding period.