[LVEW] LVEW - Long Valley Exploratory Well

Climate & Ecosystems

Year of Application: 1997

Expedition ID: 5024

Current Status: Completed

Master Data

Prof. Dr. Christoph Clauser (First-PI)

Prof. Dr. Günter Pusch (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Christina Flechsig (Scientific Participant)
Prof. Dr. Suzanne Hurter (Scientific Participant)
Prof. Dr. Günther Wagner (Scientific Participant)
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Stöckhert (Scientific Participant)
Prof. Dr. Franz Jacobs (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Daniel Pribnow (Scientific Participant)

Geologisches Alter: Quaternary

Latitude: 37°40'46''N

North America

Regionen & Städte:

Long Valley

Longitude: 118°54'30''W

United States


Drilling Data

Drilling Depth:
Core Yield: 100.0
Core Length: 916.0
Amount of Drill Holes: 1
Amount of Drill Locations:

Core Length-Drill Depth-Ratio: 88.26
Core Yield-Core Length-Ratio:


A scientific drilling effort has been proposed to deepen an existing 2-km deep hole to a target depth of between 3.5 and 4.0 km. The borehole is located near the center of the resurgent dome of Long Valley Caldera in east-central California. Deepening the well has been accomplished by continuous H-size coring (2.5" diameter core) to the target depth. Long Valley Caldera has shown sustained unrest since 1980 characterized by recurring earthquake swarms, inflation (dome-shaped uplift) of the resurgent dome, and increased levels of fumarolic activity accompanied by high concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas in the soils around Mammoth Mountain on the southwest margin of the caldera.

Related Publications

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