[PISDP] PISDP - Lake Petén Itzá Scientific Drilling Project

Climate & Ecosystems

Year of Application: 2004

Expedition ID: 5033

Current Status: completed

climate change
global environment
lake drilling
maya clay
Master Data

Dr. Wolfgang Riss (PI)
Prof. Dr. Antje Schwalb (PI)
Dr. Burkhard Scharf (PI)
Prof. Dr. Gerald Haug (PI)

Jochem Kück (OSG)
Dr. Ulrich Harms (OSG)
Dr. Steffen Kutterolf (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Anja Schwarz (Scientific Participant)
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Bauersachs (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Sergio Cohuo Durán (Scientific Participant)
Prof. Dr. Lorenz Schwark (Scientific Participant)
Prof. Dr. Miguel Vences (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Liseth Perez (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Laura Anahi Macario Gonzalez (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Peter Frenzel (Scientific Participant)

Projektstart: 2 January, 2005
Projektdauer: 2
Geologisches Alter: Pleistocene

Latitude: 16°59'58''N

South America

Regionen & Städte:

Lago Petén Itá

Longitude: 89°47'44''W



soft sediment

Drilling Data

Drilling Depth: 1533.6
Core Yield: 1400.4
Core Length: 1419.6
Amount of Drill Holes: 21
Amount of Drill Locations: 7

Core Length-Drill Depth-Ratio: 91.31
Core Yield-Core Length-Ratio: 98.65


We propose to use GLAD800 to drill a series of sites in Lake Peten-Itza, northern Guatemala, to recover sedimentary sequences along a depth transect from ~30 m to near the deepest point (~150 m) in the lake. Six primary and four alternative drilling sites have been identified on the basis of two detailed seismic surveys. A sequence stratigraphic approach will be employed to constrain the vertical range of past lake level variations for glacial, interstadial, and interglacial stages during the late Pleistocene. The basal age of the sections to be drilled is not certain but we estimate that sequences should span at least the last several glacial-to-interglacial cycles. The sediment archives and pore waters recovered by drilling will be used to test hypotheses related to three broad scientific themes: 1. Paleoclimatic history of the northern lowland Neotropics on orbital to suborbital time scales emphasizing marine-terrestrial linkages (e.g., Cariaco Basin, Greenland ice cores, etc.). 2. Paleoecology and biogeography of the Maya tropical lowland forest including the history of vegetation change and disturbance by humans, climate change, and fire. 3. Biogeochemical cycling in deep lake sediments emphasizing integrated studies of microbiology, geochemistry (interstitial waters), and mineral authigenesis/diagenesis. The research proposed here will result in the first comprehensive investigation into the microbial ecology and dominant geomicrobiological mediated processes occurring in deep subsurface lacustrine sediments. Science management and drilling operation plans are proposed to successfully achieve both scientific and technical objectives of the project. An international team of research scientists has been assembled to produce a comprehensive suite of paleoenvironmental and biogeochemical measurements on the cores and pore fluids recovered from Lake Peten-Itza.

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