[GYGY] GYGY - Lake El'gygytgyn Drilling Project

Climate & Ecosystems
Impact Structures

Year of Application: 2005

Expedition ID: 5011

Current Status: completed

climate change
global environment
impact crater
lake drilling
Master Data

Dr. Catalina Gebhardt (PI)
Prof. Dr. Uwe Reimold (PI)
Prof. Dr. Dirk Wagner (PI)
Dr. Alexander Prokopenko (PI)
Dr. Georg Schwamborn (PI)
Dr. Olaf Juschus (PI)
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Herzschuh (PI)
Prof. Dr. Martin Melles (PI)
Dr. Ralf-Thomas Schmitt (PI)

Prof. Dr. Frank Preusser (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Wenwei Zhao (Scientific Participant)
Stephanie Scheidt (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Andrej Andreev (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Bernhard Chapligin (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Ulli Raschke (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Lutz Schirrmeister (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Volker Wennrich (Scientific Participant)
Jeremy Courtin (Scientific Participant)

Projektstart: 10 January, 2006
Projektdauer: 3,5
Geologisches Alter: pliocene to quarternary

Latitude: 67°30'N


Regionen & Städte:


Longitude: 172°5'E

Russian Federation


soft sediment
hard rock

Drilling Data

Drilling Depth: 775.9
Core Yield: 512.3
Core Length: 685.5
Amount of Drill Holes: 3
Amount of Drill Locations: 1

Core Length-Drill Depth-Ratio: 66.03
Core Yield-Core Length-Ratio: 74.73

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[Reimold] El´gygytgyn impact structure, Siberia: Investigation of a mid-size impact structure in volcanic target. (2012 - 2014)

[Melles] Pliocene and Pleistocene mass movement events in Lake El´gygytgyn, northeastern Siberia, and their effects on the ´pelagic´ sediment record (2010 - 2015)

[Dietze] Siberian fire regime shifts during interglacials of the last 3.6 Myrs inferred from sedimentary records of Lake El’gygytgyn (NE Asia) (2021 - 2022)

[Herzschuh] Boreal forest bi-stability around Lake El’gygytgyn (NE Russia) during interglacial of the last 2.15 Million years (2018 - 2020)

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Lake El’gygytgyn, located in central Chukotka, NE Russia, is a 3.6 million year old impact crater lake with a diameter of 12 km and a water depth of 170 m. During the last 6 years the sedimentary record of the lake has become a major focus of multi-disciplinary multi-national paleoclimatic research and is now a world-class target for deep drilling. A full-length sediment core would yield a complete record of Arctic climate evolution; back one million years prior to the first major glaciation of the Northern Hemisphere. Geomorphological evidence from the catchment suggests that the crater was never glaciated during the entire Late Cenozoic. A 12.9 m long sediment core retrieved from the deepest part of the lake in 1998 revealed a basal age of approx. 250 ka, confirmed the lack of glacial erosion, and underlined the sensitivity of this lacustrine environment to reflect high-resolution climatic change. A 16.7 m long sediment core taken in 2003 confirms the reproducibility of the record and dates to nearly 300 ka. The first single channel seismic survey in 2000 and multi-channel seismic surveys in 2003 have now been processed suggesting a depth-velocity model of brecciated bedrock overlain by a suevite layer, in turn overlain by two undisturbed, lacustrine sedimentary units up to 400 m in thickness. This final pre-site survey expedition in 2003 included modern process studies, geomorphic and permafrost studies of lake and river terrace stratigraphies, additional lake sediment coring and some of the first permafrost coring. Two workshops in 2001 and 2004 provided the scientific framework for the synthesis of all available data. This proposal requests funds for a major drilling campaign in El´gygytgyn Lake in spring 2007. Our goal is to collect the longest most unprecedented record of climate change in the terrestrial arctic for comparison with lower latitude marine and terrestrial archives of hemispheric and global climate evolution. Coring objectives include replicate cores of 630 m length to retrieve a continuous paleoclimate record from the deepest part of the lake and into the underlying impact breccias and bedrock. Studies of the impact rocks offers the planetary community with the opportunity to study a well preserved crater uniquely found in igneous rocks like those on Mars. One additional core to ca. 200 m into permafrost from the adjacent catchment will allow us to test ideas about arctic permafrost history and sediment supply to the lake since the time of impact.

Related Publications

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