[GONAF] GONAF - A deep Geophysical Observatory at the North Anatolian Fault

Climate & Ecosystems

Year of Application: 2010

Expedition ID: 5039

Current Status: ongoing

active faulting
borehole observatory
earthquake physics
high-resolutionseismic monitoring
northern anatolian fault zone
seismic hazards
Master Data

Prof. Dr. Joerg Erzinger (PI)
Prof. Dr. Georg Dresen (PI)
Dr. Christoph Janssen (PI)
Prof. Dr. Jochen Zschau (PI)
Dr. Fatih Bulut (PI)
Prof. Dr. Marco Bohnhoff (PI)
Dr. Oliver Heidbach (PI)
Prof. Dr. Stefano Parolai (PI)

Bernhard Prevedel (OSG)
Jochem Kück (OSG)
Dr. Christina Raub (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Michele Ickrath (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Digdem Acarel (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Ludger Küperkoch (Scientific Participant)
Prof. Dr. Jan Behrmann (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Bita Najdahmadi (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Raymond Jonckheere (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Simona Pierdominici (Scientific Participant)
Dr. Rongjiang Wang (Workshop Participant)
Christopher Wollin (Workshop Participant)
Dr. Eva Stierle (Workshop Participant)
Dr. Heiko Woith (Workshop Participant)

Geologisches Alter: quarternary

Latitude: 40°52'32''N


Regionen & Städte:

Marmara Sea
Prince Islands
North Anatolian Fault

Longitude: 28°58'18''E



hard rock

Drilling Data

Drilling Depth: 1700.0
Core Yield:
Core Length:
Amount of Drill Holes: 5
Amount of Drill Locations: 5

Core Length-Drill Depth-Ratio:
Core Yield-Core Length-Ratio:


We propose a borehole observatory consisting of two 500 m deep vertical boreholes at the offshore part of the NAFZ along the Princes Islands segment that includes the transition between the 1999 Izmit rupture and the current seismic gap (GONAF - Geophysical Observatory at the North Anatolian Fault). The principal scientific objective is to study physical processes acting before, during and after the expected M>7 earthquake along the Princes Islands segment of the NAFZ by monitoring microseismic activity at significantly reduced magnitude detection threshold and improved hypocentral resolution. It is also intended to study wave propagation characteristics of a large earthquake using downhole seismic recordings at two different spots along the expected rupture and potentially close to its initiation point. The North Anatolian Fault Zone (NAFZ) has produced a series of large and devastating earthquakes during the 20th century starting in 1939 in eastern Anatolia and then systematically propagating westwards. The Sea of Marmara today represents a seismic gap of up to 150 km length and this part of the NAFZ is the only segment that has not been activated in the present series. Owing to post-seismic stress redistribution after the 1999 Izmit earthquake the eastern part of the seismic gap along the Princes Islands segment is likely subjected to enhanced stresses. The suggested borehole locations are on two of the Princes Islands in direct vicinity to the major branch of the fault zone and the mega-city of Istanbul. The location of the observatory is unique representing the only possible long-term monitoring sites along the NAFZ segment below the Sea of Marmara and the city of Istanbul in an onshore location. GONAF is focussed on the installation of a deep borehole seismological observatory. Combining GONAF recordings with existing nearby surface arrays and regional permanent stations will allow to substantially improve monitoring conditions along the entire Princes Islands segment by lowering the magnitude-detection threshold by at least one order of magnitude thus allowing to study the spatial and temporal evolution of microseismic activity prior to the expected Marmara earthquake with unprecedented detail. Prior to the long-term installation of the seismological observatory we will use the GONAF boreholes to also measure heat and gas/fluid flow and to determine orientation and magnitude of local stresses for the first time in the entire Marmara region.

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