Dr. Mathieu Colombier
Institut: Mineralogie, Petrologie und Geochemie (Uni München)

Adresse: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Theresienstr. 41

80333 München
Zugehörige Publikationen

Daniel Weller, Mathieu Colombier, Francisco Cáceres, Jérémie Vasseur, Donald B. Dingwell, Bettina Scheu (2024). "Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopic (CSLM) characterization of volcanic rocks" Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 446 p107992

Francisco Cáceres, Kai-Uwe Hass, Michael Eitel, Markus Döblinger, Kelly N. McCartney, Mathieu Colombier, Stuart A. Glider, Bettina Scheu, Melanie Kaliwoda, Donald B. Dingwell (2024). "Oxide nanolitisation-induced melt iron extraction causes viscosity jumps and enhanced explosivity in silicic magma" Nature Communications 15

Colombier, M., Manga, M., Wright, H., Bernard, B., deGraffenried, R., Cáceres, F., Samaniego, P., Vasseur, J., Jakata, K., Cook, P., Dingwell, D. B. (2023). "Pre-Eruptive Outgassing and Pressurization, and Post-Fragmentation Bubble Nucleation, Recorded by Vesicles in Breadcrust Bombs From Vulcanian Activity at Guagua Pichincha Volcano, Ecuador" Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth pe2023JB026775

Colombier, M., Wadsworth, F.B., Gurioli, L., Scheu, B., Küppers, U., Di Muro, A., Dingwell, D.C. (2017). "The evolution of pore connectivity in volcanic rocks" Earth and Planetary Science Letters 462 p99-109