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Trauth, Martin H, Asrat, Asfawossen, Cohen, Andrew S, Duesing, Walter, Foerster, Verena, Kaboth-Bahr, Stefanie, Kraemer, K Hauke, Lamb, Henry F, Marwan, Norbert, Maslin, Mark A (2021). "Recurring types of variability and transitions in the ~620 kyr record of climate change from the Chew Bahir basin, southern Ethiopia" Quaternary Science Reviews p106777

Trauth, Martin H., Asrat, Asfawossen, Duesing, Walter, Foerster, Verena, Kraemer, K. Hauke, Marwan, Norbert, Maslin, Mark A., Schaebitz, Frank (2019). "Classifying past climate change in the Chew Bahir basin, southern Ethiopia, using recurrence quantification analysis" Climate Dynamics online p1-16