Dr. Jens Heinicke
Institut: Institut für Geophysik und Geoinformatik (TU Freiberg)

Adresse: TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Gustav-Zeuner-Str. 12

09596 Freiberg
Zugehörige Publikationen

Heinicke, J., Woith, H., Alexandrakis-Zieger, C., Buske, S., Käppler, R., Krentz, O., Menzel, P. (2023). "Neogene and Quaternary dikes and related joints as conduits for recent juvenile degassing: case studies from the seismically active region of NW-Bohemia, Czech Republic" Bulletin of Volcanology p38

Heinicke, Jens, Woith, Heiko, Alexandrakis, Catherine, Buske, Stefan, Telesca, Luciano (2018). "Can hydroseismicity explain recurring earthquake swarms in NW-Bohemia?" Geophysical Journal International 212 p211-228

Fischer, T., Matyska, C., Heinicke, J. (2017). "Earthquake-enhanced permeability – evidence from carbon dioxide release following the ML 3.5 earthquake in West Bohemia" Earth and Planetary Science Letters 460 p60-67