DIVE (Drilling the Ivrea-Verbano zonE)

Startdatum: 1 May, 2017
Enddatum: 7 May, 2017

The Ivrea–Verbano Zone is the most complete, time-integrated crust–upper mantle archive in the world. It is a unique target for assembling data on the deep crust and the Moho transition zone and testing several hypotheses of formation, evolution, and modification of the continental crust through space and time across the Earth. The ICDP workshop Drilling the Ivrea–Verbano zonE (DIVE), held in Baveno, Italy, from 1 to 5 May 2017, focused on the scientific objectives and the technical aspects of drilling and sampling in the Ivrea– Verbano Zone at depth. A total of 47 participants from 9 countries with a wide variety of scientific and/or drilling expertise attended the meeting. Discussion on the proposed targets sharpened the main research lines and led to working groups and the necessary technical details to compile the full drilling proposal. The participants of the workshop concluded that four drilling operations in the Val Sesia and Val d’Ossola crustal sections represent the scientifically most promising solution to achieve the major goals within DIVE to unravel the physico-chemical properties and architecture of the lower continental crust towards the crust–mantle (Moho) transition zone.

Zugehörige Publikationen

Pistone, M., Müntener, O., Ziberna, L., Hetényi, G., Zanetti, A. (2017). "Report on the ICDP workshop DIVE (Drilling the Ivrea–Verbano zonE)" Scientific Drilling 23 p47-56