Scientific Drilling of Lake Tanganyika; Tanzania, Africa

Startdatum: 16 June, 2019
Enddatum: 21 June, 2019

Status: held

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Lake Tanganyika (East Africa) is the one of the oldest, largest, and deepest lakes found anywhere on Earth and provides a truly outstanding opportunity to transform our understanding of processes controlling tropical climate, biological diversification, and Earth surface (source-to-sink) processes in rift basins.  Lake Tanganyika contains the only known sedimentary sequence in the tropics that continuously spans the last ~8-10 Ma at drillable depths, and the lake’s sediments are an established world-class archive of high-fidelity records of precipitation, temperature, lake level, vegetation, and atmospheric dynamics.  Drill-cores will allow us to test the response of African climate to fundamentally important reorganizations of the Earth System, such as the response of tropical climates to Miocene-present changes in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, mid-Pliocene termination of a permanent El Niño, and the onset, intensification, and changes in the periodicity of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation.


Philip Barker, Lisa Park Boush, Andy Cohen, Sarah Ivory, Ishmael Kimirei, Christine Lane, Melanie Leng, Mike McGlue, Emma Msaky, Anders Noren, James Russell, Walter Salzburger, Chris Scholz, Adrian Indermaur, Alan Deino, Annett Junginger, Bert van Bocxlaer, Bronwen Konecky, Cassian Mumbi, Chad Yost, Charlotte Spencer-Jones, Chen Shuang Sophia, Chris Campisano, Chris Wolff, Christian Albrecht, Donna Shillington, Doreen Mkuu, Elena Jovanovska, Emily Beverly, Erik Brown, Fabrizia Ronco, Gaspard Ntakimazi, George Gehrels, Helen Roberts, Hendrik Vogel, Hubert Vonhof, Hudson Nkotagu, Isla Castañeda, James Muirhead, Jeffrey Stone, Jens Kallmeyer, John King, Josephat Shigela, Karen Fontijn, Katie Wagner, Lotta Purkamo, Mark Sier, Martin Trauth, Mike Soreghan, Mo Muschick, Neema Maganza, Nshombo Muderwha, Pashcal Njiko, Pete McIntyre, Qinglong Lu, Ralph Tiedemann, Richard Staff, Shaidu Nuru, Stefanie Kaboth, Thomas Wonik, Thorsten Bauersachs, Trisha Spanbauer, Venosa Ngowi, Verena Foerster, Yemane Asmerom, Yohana Shaghude