Visiting Lecture Program 2019/20

The ICDP Visiting Lecturer Series is designed to advertise research possibilities within the DFG priority programme: ICDP Deutschland. The seminar held at your institute will include an introduction to the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) and a detailed report on a specific drilling project by a principal investigator.

ICDP coordination is grateful to offer you two well-known experts for these reports. Travel funds will be covered by the ICDP coordination office.

If your interested to invite an expert please contact us at

Prof. Dr.
Martin Melles
University of Cologne

The El’gygytgyn Drilling Project: 3.6 Ma climate history of the Russian Arctic

impact crater


high latitude

lacustrine record

Prof. Dr.
Jürgen Koepke
University of Hannover

Scientific Drilling In The Samail Ophiolite, Sultanate Of Oman (OODP)

oceanic lithosphere

drilled length 5458 m

hydrothermal alteration

carbon capture