2 August, 2020

Lake Izabal Basin Research Endeavor (LIBRE)

Status: Announced

2 March, 2020

Paleoclimate, Paleoenvironment, and Paleoecology of Neogene Central America: Bridging Continents and Oceans (NICA-BRIDGE)

Status: held

8 January, 2020

Deep Geothermal Test Borehole, Cornell Campus

Status: held

16 June, 2019

Scientific Drilling of Lake Tanganyika; Tanzania, Africa

Status: held

25 November, 2018

The Dead Sea Borehole The Longest Archive of the Late Quaternary Levant Geological and Geophysical Environments

Status: held

6 September, 2018

JSPS-NRF workshop on ICDP DSeis drilling and JSPS core-to-core Program seminar

Status: held

22 May, 2018

Drilling Lake Nam Co, Tibetian Plateau

3 May, 2018

Drilling Investigation of Seismogenic Crust in Oklahoma (DISCO)

1 May, 2018

ICDP SUSTAIN Drilling Project - Post-Operational Collaborative Workshop

14 October, 2017

Scientific Deep Drilling in Koyna, India

Status: done

5 October, 2017

Workshop: Archean Shallow-water Environments: Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa

Status: Held

1 May, 2017

DIVE (Drilling the Ivrea-Verbano zonE)

25 February, 2017

Caldera Drilling-Campi Flegrei MagellanPlus Workshop

22 November, 2016

ICDP workshop on amphibious drilling to Investigate Miocene Mediterranean-Atlantic Gateway Exchange (IMMAGE)

Status: done

21 September, 2016

The Lake CHAd Deep DRILLing project (CHADRILL) – targeting ∼ 10 million years of environmental and climate change in Africa

Status: completed

3 July, 2016

International Workshop on Multi-Well Deep Underground Laboratory in Eastern China

18 March, 2015

Trans-Amazon Drilling Project (TADP): origins and evolution of the forests, climate, and hydrology of the South American tropics

3 November, 2014

Workshop to develop deep-life continental scientific drilling projects

3 November, 2014

Developing Deep-Life Continental Drilling Projects

30 September, 2014

Time-lapse characterization of hydrothermal seawater and microbial interactions with basaltic tephra at Surtsey Volcano

30 September, 2014

New Proposed Drilling at Surtsey Volcano, Iceland

Status: held

7 September, 2014

Drilling through the largest magma chamber on Earth: Bushveld Igneous Complex Drilling Project (BICDP)

Status: done

13 September, 2012

Scientific Drilling and Related Research in the Samail Ophiolite, Sultanate of Oman

4 March, 2012

Scientific Drilling in the Basin of Mexico to Evaluate Climate History, Hydrological Resources, and Seismic and Volcanic Hazards

Status: held

12 February, 2012

ICDP Workshop: Co-ordinated Scientific Drilling in the Beaufort Sea: Addressing past, present and future changes in Arctic terrestrial and marine systems

12 June, 2011

Climate Evolution in Central Asia during the Past Few Million Years: A Case Study from Issyk Kul

Status: completed

13 April, 2010

Ultra-Deep Drilling through 3.5-Billion-Year-Old Crust in South Africa

27 September, 2009

Integration of Deep Biosphere Research into the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program

Status: held

23 April, 2007

Drilling the North Anatolian Fault

Status: held

14 January, 2007

The COral-REef Front (COREF) Project

Status: held

15 March, 2006

Investigating Maar Formation and the Climate History of Southern Argentina–the Potrok Aike Maar Lake Sediment Archive Drilling Project (PASADO)

3 October, 2004

Drilling the Eger Rift in Central Europe

Status: held